Discover the life-changing Digital Nomad Experience on a vacation island enjoying beautiful beaches while working remotely.

Imagine waking up in Antigua: a sunny tropical island paradise, listening to sounds of the surf spraying across the white sandy shoreline; Away from the city’s hustle and bustle, yet working remotely…on a beach chair while your salary & investments continue to be paid into your US or Canadian accounts back at home. Too good to be true? Not really! 

Antigua & Barbuda, the newest Digital Nomad island and the world’s best kept secret exploits an emerging opportunity exposed by one of the largest social changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic: many tens of millions more people, particularly technology professionals in North America, now work from home. 

And the harsh reality just might be, remaining stuck in a cold metropolitan apartment. Never knowing when your children may safely go outside again.

Nomad digital

Why should you continue to suffer when you can easily relocate to Antigua?

With no experience, you must be thinking: how do you even begin the relocation process to reap the rewards? 

The JMVI team are experienced providers of relocation solutions who’ve helped many  remote workers, expats and digital nomads to escape to Antigua and all of the sun, surf & sea it has to offer. 

Offering quick painless digital solutions, our mission is to save you from the frustrating bureaucracies with the Immigration & other Government Departments.

Discover our tropical safe space in the sun as a new nomad for up to 2 years while giving your country some time to get grips on managing the COVID Pandemic.
Reap the rewards of the Antiguan digital nomad experience while we assist you with everything from obtaining documents to collecting and delivering new nomad digital Visas to you.
Enjoy the best of both worlds seamlessly as a remote worker while still earning USD on all investments and from your work place in North America.
Find your new nomad family home quickly using virtual viewings and close on a rental property by the time the digital nomad Visa application is complete.

Here’s what others like you have been saying:

This might be the first time you’ve given serious thought about relocating. With costs of living in the US on the rise, our recommendation is to choose Antigua & Barbuda. But the choice is ultimately yours!

Option 1

You could do nothing and  give up on all your dreams and the benefits that come with remotely working in paradise but let’s be frank, you won’t have read up to this point if you were still on the fence about applying for a Nomad Digital Residency Visa. 

You are here because you believe you deserve a better lifestyle than you have now. One that gives freedom and safety even if it’s just from the present COVID crisis.

Option 2

You can research on your own the Digital Nomad Program and its process going through the tough and time consuming government sites, without the shortcuts we’ve learned over the past few years.  

This option is ideal for people who are good at figuring out applications and concepts; those who have time to sift through all legalese and overcome issues as they arise.

Option 3

You can get started today, hop on a call with an expert who will walk you through a painless online process with step-by-step instructions and next steps for packing up and relocating to a better lifestyle.  

Here’s what our Solutions Offer:

Immediate access to schedule a Q&A call before beginning the process.

Telephone & email support to ensure that documents are in compliance with certifications and notarizations as needed during the process;

Processing of the application on your behalf, handling all inquiries with the Immigration Office by highly trained Lawyers from inception to the approval of the nomad digital visa.

Immediate access to the local real estate market with rental recommendations and key insights about relocating from our experienced Realtor.

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