Where can I find all available Property Listings?

All available property listings can be found in the JMVI Realty Property App in the App Store or Google Play and accessed via your smartphone. Download here.

How Do I Use App?

After downloading the JMVI Realty App, first select the Country that you wished to search for properties. Then tap on the Icon “  ” to open Categories. You should first Register by tapping the button below.

Where should I start?

The best place to start when looking for property to buy should be “Real Estate Sales” or “Auction House”. The best starting point when looking for a Rental is “Real Estate Rentals.” These tabs are located in Categories above and can be easily accessed using the Action Buttons below.


How Do I Rent a Property?

After selecting the property you like, we strongly recommend you start by requesting a showing.


An Agent will contact you and provide you with an Invoice and Lease after the showing.

How Do I Buy a Property?

After selecting the property you like, we strongly recommend you contact your Bank to determine if you qualify before requesting a showing.


An Agent will contact you and provide you with an Invoice and Sales Agreement after the showing.

How Do I Contact a JMVI Representative?

Our Representatives are always available! Reach out in-app by tapping the “ ” Icon and selecting “Contact Us.”

After Identifying Property How do I Locate it?

You can locate any property you like by scrolling to the bottom of the App Page and zooming in on the map until you have gotten your bearings. Tap the red icon to open Google Maps which will direct you to the property.


How Do I Get in touch with an Agent with a Property Inquiry?

Contact our agent with your inquiries simply by tapping any of the icons below the “Request Showing Button”


I cant Find any Properties that I would like?

No Worries, we got you! Tap the “ ” Icon and select “Find an Agent.” Here you can explore the websites of all Agents for more properties.

How do I Browse Properties in another Country?

This can be done by tapping the “ ” Icon and selecting “Select Country.”

How come I am not seeing the correct Properties?

Unfortunately our property feed does not refresh automatically. Use your thumb and pull down the property feed until you see this


How Do I List my Property with JMVI Realty?

List your property today by contacting our Realtor +1(268) 784-5684. Qualifying properties can be listed for Free here.

How do I register to Bid in an Auction?

You can register to bid by tapping the “ ” Icon and selecting “Auction House.” After entering your desired Auction Room, scroll below and tap “Register to Bid”. An email will be sent with our simple registration guide.

Are there Fees involved with the JMVI Auction House?

Yes! In order to control the lawful use of the Auction House, JMVI requires a nominal US$100 deposit for participation. This deposit can be applied to the winning bid or returned to you (Terms & Conditions apply).

How Do I Know if another Bid is higher than mine?

You can always tell if there is a higher bid than yours by viewing “Highest Bid” in the Auction Room. “Highest Bidder” will tell you the name of the current highest bidder.

Why isn’t the App letting me Bid?

For transparency, no bidding is allowed before the opening time. You will also be prevented from Bidding if you haven’t registered or violated the Auction Rules.

How Do I Know who Participated in an Auction?

Provided that you have completed registration to Auction at least 24 hours before starting time, JMVI will email you a list of registered Bidders.

Can I Retract a Bid?

As with a physical Auction, you cannot retract a Bid. Be sure about the amount you wish to bid before placing Bid.

Do you have a Privacy Policy?

Yes, our Privacy Policy is located in our App under Terms & Conditions.

Do You Offer Marketing Services?

Absolutely! JMVI Offers a wide range of property marketing services. Click here.

I don’t understand parts of my Lease or Sale Agreement?

No Worries! Simply tap the “ ” Icon and select “Property Lawyers.” Book an appointment with a Lawyer at your convenience.

How do I get Listed as an Agent?

You can become an agent of your own property listings by clicking here.

How do I Get Listed as a Bank?

As a Financial Institution, you can get listed by partnering with JMVI. Contact our Representative for more information: +1(268) 784-5684

How do I obtain Mortgage Financing?

Your first step towards mortgage financing is to make an appointment with a Loans Officer. Get started simply by tapping the “ ” Icon and selecting “Mortgage Financing.” Select your desired Bank and place the call!

I am not seeing Any Pictures?

Bummer! This only happens when your smartphone does not have a stable Internet connection. Try giving it a few seconds or reopen App on a stable WiFi Connection.

Where can I find your Pricing?

JMVI’s pricing can be found here.