Clean Your House in five easy steps:

1. De-junk the Rooms before cleaning:

Before starting to clean, go through every room and take an audit for the things you no longer need. For example, go through your newspapers, clothes and shoes and decide either to keep them, give them away or put them in the rubbish. There might be a lot of things that you would have stored in the thought that it would be used later. Many of those will remain unused. Toss them out. 

2. Get Geared up with your Supplies:

Gather all your cleaning supplies in a helpful basket to make it easier to find them. This will save you time and energy going to and from the cabinet every time. You will have all your supplies nearby you all the time. 

3. Follow the step-by-step process:

Usually while planning to clean the house, the approach would be cleaning one whole room and after completing it, move to the next room. But in this strategy, one might feel overwhelmed to complete the task because the work would seem unending. 

Instead, you can break down the cleaning activity into smaller tasks such as Vacuuming or dusting. Complete each task for every room, wherever required, and move to the next task. This might sound different, but it is more efficient and does not make you feel that you have been stuck in a time loop.

4. Dust and then Vacuum:

Make sure your ceiling fans are switched off before starting to dust. Dust every room. Take a top to bottom approach which means starting from the ceiling to the floor. Pay special attention to shelves, odds and ends, and ceiling fans.

Once dusting is completed, change the covers in every bedroom and then start to vacuum all the floors. 

5. Sanitize the Tough surfaces:

Make a sanitizing solution using a mixture of ½ cup white vinegar and 1 cup water to disinfect the hard surfaces that are regularly touched and where it is a possibility of germ accumulation and distribution. For example, home appliances, remotes, cupboards, kitchen cabinets and countertops.

Cleaning your house is not a glamourous task but you can find the best way that makes you feel as though you are not suffering through it. Utilize the above 5 easy steps to clean your house.

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