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For ONLY a few Weeks, JMVI Realty is proudly sharing with a handful of Lawyers a 3-Month Premium Access valued over EC$800.00 to be on-boarded as a “Property Lawyer” in the JMVI Realty Property App Version 2 launching June, 2020.


With Premium Access, you get a wide-ranging taste of new clientele, mostly Homeowners, Landlords and Tenants who face varying legal issues when concluding property deals.

Premium Access is normally reserved only for Attorneys who have already signed on a monthly basis to join the In-App Lawyer Directory, but because of the economic downturn and the challenges faced by you with day-to-day operations, JMVI wants to find creative ways and means to help you adjust to ‘the new normal’ of connecting with clients and offering Legal Services, virtually.

Lands and Houses for Renters & Buyers in Antigua

If you haven’t already heard, the ‘COVID- Free Premium Access’ will expire once we launch Version 2 and thereafter will cost you. We understand that many of you Attorneys are currently considering tailoring your Practice towards the tech innovation and would really benefit from this 3-month experience before Subscription Costs are applied.

This 3-Month Premium Access to new clients in our Property App, is my no-cost gift to you so that you can get a taste of the world of JMVI Realty.

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You’ll also get access to Webinars & Virtual Meetings where you’ll learn about setting up digital scheduling and Virtual Consultations.

If you want free access for the next 3 months, check it out Today.

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