Home burglaries would often happen during the vacation period. The Royal Police Foce adds up to this statement as home burglaries increases by 10% during the vacation period.

Here are some points to remember before departing , so that you can relish your time away from home.

Locking every door and window

Most of the burglars confess to enter through the unlocked doors and windows. Check the door and window locks every couple of weeks before the departure and replace or rework the locks if you believe there is a damage or malfunction. Walk around the house and cross check the doors, windows and any possible entries on the day of departure. Even unlocked cars have been a target of burglaries along with the valuables in it, so check the car doors without fail.

Remove the hidden keys

Many people do have the habit of hiding spare keys under the doormat and plant pots nearby. Burglars also know there would be a key in such hiding spots. Remove all the hidden keys and to extend the safety , install keyless electronic locks with biometric access.

Burglar alarms and vision system installation

Security systems such as alarms and  cameras help to nullify the probability of burglary. You can watch your home remotely no matter wherever you are. The alarms would make the burglar panic and he may drop the plan due to the alarm that was made. Do not be miser while buying such locks.

Do not forget your Garage

Since many home owners forget that the garage is a part of the house, it becomes a very easy target for burglars. Garage door openers in nearby cars is the biggest threat. To avoid hectic situations, remove  any valuable articles and items from the garage, close all the doors and install motion detectors around the garage.

Random timing of lights

Connect your lights with timers to switch them on and off. But setting them to a regular routine seems doubtful. So make a random pattern of switching lights during day and night which gives the appearance that someone is inside to switch them. Try to give a feel that a person is always inside.

Keep your neighbours informed

Inform your neighbours about your vacation and provide them with numbers in which you can be reached or numbers for persons who are travelling with you. Ask them to notify you and the police if they notice any strange activity in and around your house. Do NOT post on social media about your vacation plans.

Keep your doorstep empty

Ask your newspaper and supplies vendor not to drop off anything at the house during the vacation because piled up newspapers and letters indicate that you are away. If an item is so important, ask them to drop it at your neighbour’s house during the vacation.

Keep your lawn neat

An overgrown yard, untrimmed shrubs and bushes can suggest that there is no one there to take care of it. Arrange with a landscaper to keep them clean during your vacation as burglars may use the untrimmed bushes to hide.

Which tips do you find work best? Let us know in the comments.

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